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ModSecurity 2.5 Released

The final version of ModSecurity 2.5.0, the long awaited next stable version of ModSecurity, is now available.  This release offers quite a few new features: set-based matching, a wider variety of string matching operators, transformation caching, support for writing rules as Lua scripts, credit card number validation, enhanced means for maintaining and customizing third party rulesets, and quite a few other features.  Take a look at the main website to see a summary of the new features.

Getting ModSecurity

As always, send questions/comments to the community support mailing list.  You can download the latest releases, view the documentation and subscribe to the mailing list at

Building ModSecurity 2.5

The documentation has been updated with a new build process for 2.5.  The new process uses the typical 'configure', 'make' and 'make install' approach instead of having to hand edit a Makefile as in previous releases.  This approach allows for a generally easy build for those with libraries in standard locations, but also some flexibility for those with unique systems.  You can take a look at more details in the installation section of the documentation.

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