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OWASP AppSec 2005 Impressions

Last weekend I attended the OWASP AppSec 2005 Europe here in London. I was there to give two talks, meet the people I only knew from email, and listen to the other speakers. When a conference is not aligned with my interests I tend to only come for the day(s) I speak on. This time, however, I was interested very much in what the others had to say! The experience has been great - two days filled with interesting talks and charismatic people. I hear the others had similar views of the event. On Saturday there was a dinner organised at a hotel/restaurant nearby. I was looking forward to attending but then had to be elsewhere that afternoon. That's the trouble when you live at the same place where the conference is being held.

I have uploaded my talks to the Thinking Stone web site: Apache Web Platform Security and Web Intrusion Detection With ModSecurity. I'll post again when the other presentations appear on the OWASP web site - there are some very interesting ones.


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